Bagels — a Honey & Co recipe

Warm from the oven, chewy and crisp, freshly baked bagels are the perfect receptacle for Christmas leftovers
 Louisa has been working with us for eight years now. She started as an “office person” — when our office was just a plank of wood between the deck oven and the freezer — and has graduated to office manager and company director over the years, adding lots of letters to her title along the way: HR, IT, PR, CCO, QC — the last one stands for quality control, especially of baked goods.Jack of all trades, master of most, she can handle blocked pipes, WiFi failures, drunk chefs and tricky customers with her killer combo of stern and sweet. In summer, she knows what to do when the fridges wilt. In December she becomes a supercharged elf and turns our (now slightly larger) office into Santa’s grotto, managing the packing and dispatch of hampers and presents, an operation that gets bigger every year.Louisa is one of our favourite people and a definite hoot but — and we say this with so much love — she is also the queen of the pointless story.When Louisa sets off on telling a story, we must prepare ourselves for a circuitous and perplexing journey through a landscape where not much happens at all, a journey that inevitably ends with her saying the words — “and then we had bagels”. We joke about it now: when she embarks on a yarn we ask if we can skip straight to the bagel, or request a bagel story when we want to sleep on a train.It took us a while to appreciate what Louisa has clearly always known: it’s the ending that makes a story — and a story that ends with bagels is bound to be good. So we propose to take a leaf out of her book and recommend you do the same. No matter what sort of story was written for you this year, it will improve immensely if it ends with bagels.

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